1. Fast Results within 2 visits
  2. Integrated Care utilizing  Trigenics, Super pulsed laser, Rapid release technology and more.
  3. Sustainable results addressing the root issues of your joint dysfunction without drugs, injections or surgery.
  4. Case Studies - we have extensive evidence of our success treating the most difficult and chronic cases. 

Our goal is to help your body express its own miraculous healing ability. We believe that healing in the body occurs inside out, the way nature intended.  We advocate that, in the vast majority of cases, your body is capable of expressing optimal health and healing as long as it is balanced neurologically, orthopedically and metabolically. Unfortunately, physical, emotional and chemical stresses all have the potential to throw us out of balance.


Dr. Timothy G. Panah, DC, BCIM received his doctorate in chiropractic in 1991, is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine and holds his Pastoral Science Degree. He has extensive postgraduate education in functional neurology, rehabilitative procedures, and clinical nutrition. He has authored the e-book "The Five Pillars of Health - Your Key to Youth and Vitality", has hosted several radio shows and lectured from coast to coast on the subject of health and wellness. 

Dr. Jack R. Thomas, DC., personally mentored by Dr. Panah, runs our Lehi, Utah location. 


  • Detailed Examination 
  • We will only accept your case if we can see measurable improvmetn in the first two visits. 
  • We will be an advocate for you and your health.
  • Comfortable environment with kind, professional staff
  • Payment options for almost any budget
  • Fast, sustainable results
  • You will get your questions answered and we will listen to what you have to say.

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Most health care approaches focus on addressing the symptoms, which is well intentioned but often non-productive in the long run. If you have a car and the check engine light comes on in the dashboard, it is very unlikely that the check engine light is the problem, it is the engine itself that is in need of repair. However, what most people focus on is the check engine light (symptom). They may place a "piece of duct tape" (antiinflammatory, muscle relaxant, pain reliever, steroid), so to speak, over the light but it does not fix the underlying issue (the engine). Ignoring the underlying problem does not make it go away. You can medicate your check engine light (symptoms), or perform surgery on the wires of your check engine light so it will stop lighting up but none of those fix the problem. Traditional chiropractic, physical therapy, massage or acupuncture may be helpful to some extent but they don’t create the neuromyoneural reprogramming that is often need for sustainable changes. At our office we use a consider each patient's neurology, orthopedics and nutritional needs. The goal is to address the underlying cause(s) and treat you as a whole person and not just a symptom or diagnosis..


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