Trigenics is a non-manipulative neurological muscle reprogramming system which resets the way the brain communicates with the body to instantly decrease pain while increasing strength and flexability.  We invite you to watch the video testimonials of people who have suffered, some  for many years, with limitations, regain pain free use of their joints.  Many of these patients had unsuccessful surgeries and injections. Many had gone through physical therapy, massage therapy, traditional chiropractic and acupuncture prior to coming to our office. The care they received prior to coming to our office may have been helpful but it  did seem to resolve the underlying issues. The soft tissue damage and scar tissue that often accompanies these types of problems does need attention but it starts with rebooting the brain to body communication. Trigenics helps us reboot your “software” for results that are often instantaneous and remarkable.

We don’t ignore the damaged joints and scar tissue. We have advanced Rapid Release Technology to help remove and release scar tissue and adhesions so no stone is left unturned. Rapid Release technology is arguable the safest, fastest and most pain free way to release muscular adhesions.

It is my clinical opinion that the number one reason so many people experience accelerated arthritic degeneration of their joints is because of faulty muscle balancing secondary to some past trauma or irritation which resulted in muscle guarding or spasm that became second nature to the body. This ongoing imbalance creates faulty push-pull dynamics over the joint(s) leading to accelerated destruction. When the joint movement is out of balance things wear out much faster, similar to a car tire that is out of balance. By resetting the faulty mechanisms of the muscles at the brain level and balancing the muscle movement, healthy joint mechanics are restored resulting in the graceful aging of the joint and your body. If you are experiencing pain and limitation we invite you to come in and experience Trigenics for yourself.